As the specialist for the company’s machines and installations, the technical trainer, service technician, applications engineer imparts the operators, the customer's maintenance personnel and the company's own technicians with the necessary specialist knowledge in handling of complex technology. Target groups can be machine operators, maintenance personnel of the customer and own technicians. The participants themselves can be multipliers, who in turn should instruct users.

Depending on how effective the training is, this may result in a wide range of consequences: how often the hotline is contacted, the number of warranty claims, the number of good will cases, and the level of customer satisfaction…

Most of the time the trainer’s technical expertise is very good, however, what happens when it comes to their communication skills? Have they had the chance to develop their skills systematically and under an expert’s guidance?

You have to look at various aspects to choose the right trainer...

  • Do they break down the subject matter into useful sections?
  • Do they use learner-oriented training methods?
  • Do they use appropriate and up-to-date media?
  • Do they stay focused on helping the participants understand the larger picture?
  • Do they make sure the learners know how to practically apply their knowledge through exercises and repetition?
  • And last but not least – time is money: How efficient is the transfer of knowledge?

All of these aspects need to be taken into consideration. This is especially true in groups where some of the participants are difficult.

This trainer seminar covers all these topics. With the knowledge from the everyday life of technical trainers, a variety of effective techniques, methods, planning approaches and practical experiences are conveyed.


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Train the Technical Trainer (EN)

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