The seminar room was yesterday. Presence times, when a group of people gather centrally in one place to learn, are becoming more and more precious and rare. The availability of precious resources and also the financial costs force us to rethink.

That is why, among other things, important to use the time until you bring people with multiple responsibilities to the same place at the same time. In this way, important competencies are taught in advance via digital online services. Through a good virtual preparation and follow-up, the joint presence time can be kept short and yet an optimal result can be achieved.

The necessary skills and competencies to impart knowledge about digital media are an art in itself. What succeeds in "in class" does not work in "web learning" or does not work so easily. Responding flexibly to participants and the atmosphere sometimes seems impossible. The repertoire for passing on content and motivating and activating participants must be changed.

Those who are not optimally prepared for a web training will not only miss the learning goals in many cases, they will also "lose" the participants and destroy the basis for further similar training.

Therefore, introductory training shows important basics and differences in didactics and methodology of learning with and without presence.

Go successfully with your trainings online!



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Als Pioniere und Marktführer im Segment verfügen wir über eine Vielzahl von Service-Referenzen aus den Bereichen Maschinenbau, Anlagenbau, Automotive, Medizintechnik, Gebäudetechnik und IT.


Unsere Trainingsthemen sind in Englisch und in anderen Sprachen verfügbar.

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Mit den Weiterbildungen „Zertifizierter Technischer Trainer TTxTT praxisgeprüft“ und "Zertifizierter Kunden-Kompetenz-Techniker praxisgeprüft" sind wir das einzige Trainingsinstitut, das Technische Trainer und Servicetechniker zu einem unabhängigen Fachhochschul-Zertifikat führt.